Start Error updating appinitdlls in the registry

Error updating appinitdlls in the registry

On the Comm Serve computer, perform the following steps: For more information on this tool, see DBMaintenance Utility.

This can occur if the computer has been up for an extended period of time or under heavy load.

If the computer is under heavy load, it is due to SQL temp files which can grow large if it is not set back to the default size regularly.

The backup of the SQL databases as "Full Text" databases failed for one or more databases.

This utility performs a number of maintenance tasks to ensure that your Comm Serve performs optimally.

An additional setting must be created on the Comm Serve and client computer.

Use the following sections to add the additional settings: Important: Previous Simpana versions may have reached end-of-support.

While the product from an unsupported version may continue to be used on an "as-is" basis, fixes/updates will not be provided and new features will not be supported.